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By Anthony Johnson, Apr 7 2014 08:26AM

This year, I have read that 40% of the globe will be using the internet to sell us something or gain new clients , all of which are trying to gain a competitive edge on the world wide web.

Digital Marketing gets more difficult each year, as marketers across the globe continue to change their strategies all the time. In a survival situation, the right skills and tools will ensure your safety, security, and comfort. For internet marketing, the secret to survival is no different. With intuition, a passion for knowledge and using helpful tools.

1. Change

To be faced with change we need to adapt, success depends on your ability to learn new techniques. Google is forever looking to change the boundaries of search, keeping us on our toes and earning the money Internet Marketing companies charge, so it’s only fair you learn, adapt, change and try to keep your clients ahead of the game.

2. Stay Tuned In

Maintaining awareness of your competitors is the most important aspect of surviving. Rapid adaptation is balanced on the ability to notice change in the webs ever changing market. With the latest changes from Google's algorithms and new industry trends and current events flooding the internet market place prepares you to take action. After major Google updates, you must remain aware of their link profiles and be proactive and not panic deleting links with link removal. To complete post-update link audits are a must but use Google webmaster tools (which will tell you if you have spam links) first and if it aint broken,

don't try and fix it!

3. Best Practice

Surviving is largely about knowing the rules. With the mass of suggestions Google provides, it can be difficult to stay in-the-know about the latest webmaster best practices. To avoid penalties from Google, carefully review Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Certain strategies are considered best practices for webmasters, including sitemap submission, clear site hierarchy and the creation of content written with the reader in mind, not search engines. A great way to stay informed is by following Matt Cutts’s blog and their Google Webmaster YouTube channel. Matt is the head of Google’s Web spam Team.

4. Learn

Learning new information, techniques and skills is a must. Google’s various changes and updates really keep us on our toes, link building has taken on a different form than it has in the past. SEOs intent on survival are becoming accustomed to the newly-defined best practices for link building, which include heightened focus on proactive engagement with content creators, building brand-relevant links and working diligently to get links from sites with high authority.

5. Move on

Sometimes, moving on is your best chance to succeed. When Matt Cutts quoted that guest blogging for SEO purposes outdated in early 2014, SEOs across the globe launched into action, creating new and better ways to do business. Google’s recent crackdown on MyBlogGuest is a bit harsh but proof that the internet search leader means business when they stated there is too much spam and aim to clean up the internet.

Anthony Johnson

By Anthony Johnson, Mar 31 2014 08:44AM

So what values determine whether a marketing campaign succeeds or fails?

It is not really any one thing, but a combination of smaller factors that makes the real difference. Every company knows that they need to interact with customers on social media channels, put out thought-leading blogs to appear in relevant content searches, create a great website design, use keywords, etc.

Here are all those little extras that many companies miss when developing a strategy:

Create Measurable Goals

It is impossible to mark your company’s successes and shortcomings without setting numbers for the team to strive for. Take time to plan ahead on this point. Consider your budget and financial goals before deciding what marketing strategy can get you there. If you want to achieve, say, 10 new sales, then you would need 500 new leads, and for that you will need 50,000 new visitors to your site in the designated timeframe.

Now that you know the numbers you can begin to hash out a marketing strategy that makes sense for your business that will also achieve your desired results. It you are looking to increase your sales, all other numbers, including time and resources dedicated to marketing efforts, must be raised at a respective rate. You can’t improve one without the other.

Integrated Marketing Strategy

This point comes down to everything in your entire marketing scheme working together toward your company’s end goal. This is also where preparation is key. You cannot dive into a marketing campaign without planning it out from every angle.

1. Consistent Branding: Crossover between all types of shoppers, such as a customer who searches your product on their smartphone app but goes to the computer version of the site to make a purchase or vice versa, is becoming increasingly common these days. As such, every platform must be delivering the same message and brand image consistently.

2. Personality and Voice: Along with your brand’s message being clear and consistent through all channels, it must also have its own personality. The tone of voice that you create is what makes your brand unique, and what gives customers a character to identify with your company. Don’t just act on content marketing’s capabilities when you aren’t making your numbers; it should be a constant interaction with your audience to show them your voice.

3. Schedule: Create a calendar for everything that is included in your campaign. Blog schedule, social media updates, new ebooks, upcoming events or webinars, special offers, email campaigns, and one that contains a little bit of all of these should all be set before the campaign begins. Think ahead and make a realistic editorial calendar for any campaign you create.

Device Readiness

Most people will abandon a sale or download if the device they are working with is moving slowly or not working properly. That is why, if you deal in digital, which we all do these days, you have to invest in a high-quality site with responsive website design.

Along with that, take mobile optimization into account as well. This can be used in various ways, so find the one that works for your company to stay ahead of the competition without alienating your leads.

While mobile devices are becoming the norm, don’t forget to have a system that easily works on tablets, which are more common for online purchases than smartphones. You can’t ignore any form of technology if it may lead to new leads and new sales.

Visual Engagement

I’ve said this before and I will say it again, visuals attract the customer’s attention the way text never can. If you have a product to offer, show it being used. If it is an event, show photos and videos from previous events so they can see what to expect.

A great way to kill two birds is to include calls to action, or CTAs, within your web pages, blogs, emails, etc.The perfect CTA will be visually appealing while also offering your site’s visitors somewhere else to go within your site. That special product or event that your company has going on should be made abundantly clear through your site’s CTAs.


A unified, consistent strategy with measurable goals is exactly what you need to make a successful marketing campaign. But those extras, such as the visuals, CTAs, high-tech gadgetry, well-planned calendars, brand personality and consistency, etc. are what take a marketing strategy great.

Without considering all of these factors beforeembarking on a new marketing campaign, or improving on an old one, you will be going in blindly with a chaotic plan of attack. Take the time to schedule every aspect of your campaign so you don't miss any vital pieces!

By Anthony Johnson, Mar 20 2014 11:09AM

ImageIn this noisy content marketing world, it can be a challenge to make your brand stand out from the crowd. With millions of free webinars and free trial this and free demo that, the overload can send anyone in a tailspin. Channel your inner Tim the Toolman Taylor and take some notes. Here are the tools to help catapult your brand to new heights.


Track what tweets are most popular with Brook. The tool sends an email with the most popular tweets by a group of people that you set up. Create one around strategic partners or in your industry. Take some notes on the tweets; your tweet could soon show up on the list.

Photos on Facebook receive 70% more engagement when compared to status updates without photos. Compfight is a visual locater that searches Flickr for commercial use photos. Make your brand stand out from the crowd with this step up from Google Images.

Everyone is hashtag crazy these days.Tagboard monitors hashtags across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Vine. Content is showcased in custom boards that you create so you can monitor your own hashtag campaign, or listen in on what your customers are saying coupled with your hashtags.

Facebook Insights but for Instagram, Statigramcalculates the statistics of your posted photos. Employ the ranking feature to see which kinds and types of photos get the most likes. The platform also analyzes follower growth and suggests posting times for optimizing engagement.

Effectively navigating through spam and fake accounts can take away from successfully networking on Twitter. Step in ManageFlitter: the tool helps manage your Twitter while growing quality followers. The list is sortable by influence, language, and whether or not users are following you back. The handy list is ideal for sorting out those that are listening to your tweets and those that aren’t. With a paid subscription, ManageFlitter schedules and posts tweets at optimized times, while monitoring keywords and hashtags.

One of the downfalls of Instagram for brands is the lack of analytics and ROI of posts. Thanks to Curalate, you don’t have to spend your time calculating likes and comments by hand. The tool, which also works for Pinterest, uses image algorithms with data technology and reports insights of your photos. Curalate also has community management capabilities that allow you to discover uncovered conversations about your brand.


Inkybee is an outreach tool that manages influencer outreach. Search for relevant blogs according to your niche with specific keywords. The beautifully organized report showcases results by engagement, audience size and the number of inbound links. Utilize this tool to spy on your competition, or for relationship outreach. Two blogs are better than one.

Writing an article, but don’t have the perfect source? Submit a posting with Help A Reporter Out and responses will begin flowing into your email box. Looking to become the front page of Time? Use the HARO emails to help other reporters out with their next big story.

Coined “The Little Black Book of Bloggers and Journalists,” BuzzStream is a dashboard tool that tracks and handles influencer outreach. Create your own list of influencers in your sphere of business for relationship building and guest blogger outreach. The platform fosters communication with these appointed influencers with outreach capabilities across their social media channels.

Connect your brand with bloggers withBlogDash. The tool allows users to search for content marketers based on target specifications such as demographic and influence. After connecting with a blogger, you can pitch them your new product or service to get others talking in the blogosphere.

The success of your blog post significantly depends on the intrigue and uniqueness of the blog post’s title. Take it from content marketing kings HubSpot to create a Blog Topic Generator. Simply enter 2-3 nouns about the subject you’re thinking of writing on, and the machine will crank out a few unique suggestions.

Did HubSpot’s generator not work in your favor? Switch over to everyone’s favorite, Google and utilize its Google Keyword Planner. Built originally for Google advertisements, the tool reports data of the searches inquiries of your given keyword. Operate this tool as your blog subject generator. The difference in search requests could be the difference in blog traffic.


When you get to your office in the morning, how many tabs do you open to check the updates of your favorite websites? [I open around 8!]Feedly allows users to follow their favorite websites in one place. Utilize this tool to monitor your interests and keep up with industry trends, or to keep an eye on competitors. Feedly Pro is available for a monthly fee that offers Pocket, Evernote, and Hootsuite integration.

Pocket, a bookmark saving tool and app, allows you to ‘pocket’ content, which can be synced with your computer or tablet. Find a good article about why Kaepernick is a better quarterback than Wilson? Pocket it so you won’t forget such facts. [Did we mention we are 49er fanatics?]

Broken links are the best way to drive traffic away from your website and blog. Broken Link Checker is a tool that will go through your website and find any broken links. The quick 15 check up will save you a customer or two.

Love the theme of a website you just stumbled upon? WordPress’ Theme Detector will tell you which theme the website is decorated in and which plugins are employed.


One of the factors determining your Google results page ranking is the loading time of your website. Reduce the size of your images, but not the quality, with This compression tool reduces the size of your images then you download the smaller version. No Photoshop needed!

Have you seen a spurt of website traffic but don’t know which social media channels or referral they came from? SqueezeCMMgenerates separate shortcut links based on different social media platforms. Enter a specific page or blog post you want to track and the tool will create different links for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and even email. These unique short codes will allow you to see exactly where traffic is coming from as a result of that link.

Incorporating internal and external links into your blog content is an unparalleled method for better search engine ranking results.RavenTools’ Site Finder points out high-ranking links for your link campaign. Enter a keyword, and it finds top ranking URLs for you to implement in your content.


Looking to spy on competitors’ blog post analytics? Social Crawlytics runs a crawl report of a website and tracks which content is shared on which social channels. This is a useful research tool to see what blog post topics are working and which aren’t. Apply this data to your own content calendar. Was a blog post about Twitter chats successful? Construct your own.

Forgot to follow up with a potential client?Boomerang allows Gmail users to schedule emails to be sent at a later date. The service also features an email clean up tool for important emails. Boomerang will archive important emails for a given time period, but then return it to your inbox at a later time so you don’t forget about it. Put this tool to use to communicate with clients in a different time zone, or schedule a Happy Birthday email to your boss. There’s nothing worse than forgetting her birthday!

Listen to what everyone is saying about you with Mention. The Google Analytics’ competitor tracks your mentions across all social media platforms, news channels, and blogs. Set up alerts to get these mention reports right to your inbox.

Another useful listening tool, Visible is an analytics and social media engagement dashboard for your brand. Although not as advanced as Mention, the insights serve as an extra pair of social media eyes.

Outreachr is perfect for expanding your brand’s list of contacts. The Beta platform gives you a list of contacts based around keywords. Their contact database also spreads over 20 different countries. Punteggio! [Italian for score!]

How many apps do you use on your smart phone or iPad each day? What if you could instruct some of them to work together to make your life easier? Enter, Zapier. This mouthpiece tool allows users to set “zaps” up so applications will work with other applications automatically. For example, you can have emails through Gmail be sent to Evernote as notes. You can set up MailChimp to retrieve emails from buyers each time you make a sale in your Etsy store. The tool fosters integration with over 200 applications, social media systems and platforms. The application combinations are endless.

If you did the math correctly, that was 25. I snuck a bonus tool in there! You are now fully equipped to take your brand to the next level. I will see you at the top!

What are some of your go-to marketing, blogging, and social media tools

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