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By Anthony Johnson, Nov 13 2015 08:56AM

What the recruitment figures say.

Staffbase Recruitment in Rugby has learned that Ninety-four per cent of UK employers are operating with limited capacity to take on more work, according to the latest JobsOutlook survey by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC).

With three quarters of employers (76 per cent) signalling that economic conditions are improving, and almost half (47 per cent) saying that confidence in hiring and investment decisions are ‘getting better’, businesses are actively looking to take on more staff.

Eight in ten businesses (80 per cent) plan to hire permanent staff in the next three months, and three quarters (76 per cent) plan to increase headcount in the medium term.

Staffbase Recruitment

The regular monthly survey of 600 employers found that:

More than two thirds (67 per cent) have either increased pay or headcount in the last year.

Eight in ten (79 per cent) take on agency workers in order to access key strategic skills.

Six in ten (59 per cent) have made at least one temporary worker permanent in the last year.

Ninety-four per cent say that agency workers are paid more or the same than if they were permanent.

A shortage of candidates is expected for permanent managerial roles (13 per cent), driving and distribution roles (13 per cent), and blue collar roles (11 per cent).

A shortage of agency workers is expected for technical/engineering roles (16 per cent), construction roles (11 per cent) and driving/distribution roles (11 per cent).

“The demand for skilled people is especially acute in construction and engineering as a result of newly announced housebuilding and infrastructure projects. A reported shortage of people to fill driving and distribution roles is also concerning and could cause major problems as retailers and logistics firms seek to take on staff to meet increased demand over the Christmas period.”

Staffbase Recruitment Managing Director Garry Shipman says:

“Employers across many sectors are finding it very difficult to fill their vacancies. Pay is rising as the competition for staff increases and businesses react to the need to keep hold of the staff they already have. In areas where permanent roles are particularly hard to fill, employers are turning to temporary workers in order to fill their skill gaps.

Staffbase Recruitment in Rugby has a team of professional recruitment consultants who have access to all leading UK jobs boards and we can help you to find the talent that you need to fill your permanent and temporary vacancies.

By Anthony Johnson, Jun 22 2015 06:27PM

What We do and why everyone wants in!

Over the years we have been leading the way in SEO and other digital media processes whilst developing a system to help small businesses as a secondary project.

It started in 2008 with a system we created, which was an affordable way for businesses to get high rankings by working together on content sharing, networking and link swapping and loads more.

It was received very well and went toe to toe with the leading search directory for a while (it was actually much better and cheaper)

But unfortunately this system relied on the members being proactive and helping each other to help themselves.


I was approached by an organisation who was interested in the system for their members.

I worked closely with them and many businesses to discover just what businesses need, how much time they could commit, and developed a new strategy.

So after two years of study the main factor we decided was the issue was


When this information clicked with a real big light bulb moment!

Why don't we re-develop the system and add a package where we combine our Seo and Social media skills with this system and do all the work needed on our clients behalf!

Obvious or Genius, you decide! lol

What We Do........

Im not going to sell that to you now, im just going to tell you what we do and how you can do it yourself.

So, In my opinion after lessons learned over the past 12 years, you need a four pronged approach, Start with optimising your website, make sure it has the right message to convert into sales, in the past, techniques to get high rankings failed to do this and had a negative effect on visitors, creating a false economy, being number 1 on the search but with not conversions or sales.

Set up a social media campaign, following your brands guidelines (if you don't have any BRAND GUIDE LINES create some) using call to action banners and buttons.

Target local first, don't sell at them, engage with them, join local groups and networks. Social Media is the buzz word at the moment but dont rush in, Twitter and Facebook are the most popular but not always the most effective. Have a look at Linked in , this is a business "Facebook" and can be very good for B2B sales.

Look outside the box, If your retailing you can use Pinterest or Instagram to promote images of products. there are social media platforms out there that are industry pacific, have a look for these also.

You need to get creative! Write about your product or services, the more the merrier, content is king.

Make it interesting and informative, and on put it on your website! this content is the starting point for your SEO campaign.

By this point you should have a few connections locally from your social media campaign, get them to promote your content in return, you do the same. This is Search engine optimisation and this will create links to your website which is still a very big factor in ranking on Google.

Internet marketing is were people who think they know my businesses and have no clue look at me funny!

This is often miss represented as SEO, Internet marketing is Visual online marketing, let me give you an example, Group-On, they use Internet Marketing, you will probably have been on a weekend break with Group-On but you will not find them at the top of Google, or even in the top 10 for the term Weekend Break. the promotion of banner ads, emails, apps are key to and are the finishing touch to a good campaign.

My latest catch phrase has been

DIGITAL media courses cost £1400 plus

if You can learn a new trade in a day, this is for you!

Or if you are a realist and JUST don't have time?

Let our qualified professionals do for only £150 per month!

Ok I may have slipped a sales pitch in there after all!


There is no secret formula, short cuts or good quality offshore cheaper options!

Just as in your business and what you do, its Just good old fashioned hard work.

Anthony Johnson

Seo and Social Media Company.
Seo and Social Media Company.

By Anthony Johnson, May 20 2015 09:04AM

Seo is more than just link building and well written content.

Having a professional Seo company look at the structure of your website is a must if you really want to make sure that search engines rank your website at the highest level. If your website's pages contain certain errors, search engines (mainly Google) will pick up on the errors and flag them.

See if your website has any critical issues

Critical errors will have an immediate effect on the rankings of your website on Search engines, Broken links are the main cause.

Most website have broken links. If you update your web pages frequently, you may find broken links that need addressing.

Hosting errors are another issue, the cheapest servers are not always the best. Use UK hosting from a reputable company, preferably with a instant support facility via chat or local rate phone number, last resort a fast response ticketing system.

Server errors can cause major problems with search engines. Slow loading pages can be overlooked by the search engines and some not even indexed.

This also delivers a bad customer journey.

Your website pages have to communicate with the search engine and your visitor, not having titles on your pages or duplicate titles can cause the most important of your pages not to show in search also.

There are tools out there to check this for free, but they will not fix the issue.

So your website has no critical issues, but still not ranking?

There are many influencing factors to ranking on search, you really need to go to town on your pages content and the message you want to deliver.

One major issue for people is page content and the pages themselves being duplicated or even being very similar to each other, there is no penalty for duplicate content, but one page will usually be chosen to be displayed to the visitors search and the other give no or very little rank.

Web pages with no content or little text content won't get high rankings, also very importantly check the spelling.

If your web pages are linked with and without www, and with both http and https, there can be canonical URL problems. Ask your server provider to make the changes, they are usually happy to do so or get a pro to add a canonical attribute .

Some website designers accidentally block search engine robots. If a web page blocks search engine robots, it cannot get high rankings.

A very high click depth can be an indicator that people cannot find a page easily. Web pages that aren't easy to find should not contain important content.

Temporary redirects are very common, these can cause problems as do pages with to many out bound links.

There has be a lot said about the websites meta description and if it influences rankings, but this is still very important, this is the wording that shows in the search bellow your title, your visitors will use this as a quick reference as to weather your site is the one they need. Also a duplicate meta tag will flag the page as poor quality.

Websites can always be improved!

The information above will help you on your way to having a high ranking website, there are many more factors that you can find on my other posts.

Here is a list of other issues to look out for.

Redirect same URL

Upper case URLs

Rel. link to domain

Canonical URL used

Meta Robots None

Meta NoFollow

Meta NoIndex

Meta NoSnippet

Anchor text wasted

H1 tag keyword

H1 tag empty

H1 tag missing

H1 tag wasted

Image problems

Perm. redirect (301)

Other redirect (303)

Temp. redirect (307)

Forbidden (403)

Checking these things will make sure that your web pages is optimised.

You can contact us to do the audit and repairs for you anytime.

Get in touch today.

Anthony SEO Johnson

By Anthony Johnson, May 12 2015 08:09AM

I have been reading that the art of SEO is dead, I can assure you we are far from it, SEO it's a key critical component for any business that wants to rank its content and gain visibility online.

Good SEO may not be the same as it once was - it's simply a case of adapting the process of making your web site more accessible to search engines, generating more traffic and revenue.

Search Engine Ranking (being found by Google and others) is a combination of: creating and sharing superior content, building a web site that loads fast (three seconds) to suit the new mobile algorithm, perfect on and off page SEO best practices and engage by sharing content on social media platforms.

In today's Social media frenzy, smartphones and tablets it's about visual, informative, topical, well written, engaging content your customers want to read containing calls to action that are relative to the searches needs.

"Social media marketing does not replace a good SEO strategy and content marketing strategy ever.".

We all live in a world of content, even news paper readers realize the value of a good piece and standing out with a blend of content marketing and experienced SEO campaigns.

SEO will always be an integral part of a marketing campaign, so don't believe the hype!

Anthony Johnson


By Anthony Johnson, May 6 2015 11:47AM

Google is finally making use of the new deal it signed with Twitter to put tweets into Google’s search results. The company today confirmed a “small experiment” that some are seeing.

Dan Martin from Razorfish shared a screenshot with us this morning showing one of the experiments where tweets are integrated in Google’s search SEO results trending topics:

Search Engine Land asked Google about this, which confirmed it was a test.

As mentioned in Twitter’s earnings call back in January, we’ve partnered to bring their real-time content to Google Search. We’ve started some small experiments in mobile search, but we don’t have more to announce at this point.

Google and Twitter signed a deal in February giving greater access to Twitter’s data. Google was already crawling Twitter for data despite this deal, so tweets being in Google’s search results isn’t a new change. But the deal gave Google the ability to get even more information than it could crawl regularly. Our story, FAQ: How Twitter’s New Deal To Bring Tweets To Google Search Works, explains more.

Since the deal was signed, we’ve been waiting for the new uses to begin. Twitter CEO Dick Costolo said last week to expect this in May. Now it’s happening, at least on a test basis.

Martin said he sees it happening on and off on his Android device for many trending topics right now, such as [maythe4thbewithyou], [Carly Fiorina], [Jimmy Greaves] and other searches. I personally cannot replicate this on any of my devices, but it would not surprise me if Google is now testing this and may roll it out any day.

Hi, my name is Anthony Johnson, I have been doing Digital Marketing for over 12 years.


I am a Digital Marketing Expert, Owner of Search Find, Director of Digital 4 Trade, Founder and Share holder at Seo Go so I keep myself busy!


I do believe in trying to learn something new every day, in my field that’s the easy bit.


Seo has drastically changed over the last 3 years or so, and in my mind for the better.