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Internet Marketing Survival Guide for 2014

By Anthony Johnson, Apr 7 2014 08:26AM

This year, I have read that 40% of the globe will be using the internet to sell us something or gain new clients , all of which are trying to gain a competitive edge on the world wide web.

Digital Marketing gets more difficult each year, as marketers across the globe continue to change their strategies all the time. In a survival situation, the right skills and tools will ensure your safety, security, and comfort. For internet marketing, the secret to survival is no different. With intuition, a passion for knowledge and using helpful tools.

1. Change

To be faced with change we need to adapt, success depends on your ability to learn new techniques. Google is forever looking to change the boundaries of search, keeping us on our toes and earning the money Internet Marketing companies charge, so it’s only fair you learn, adapt, change and try to keep your clients ahead of the game.

2. Stay Tuned In

Maintaining awareness of your competitors is the most important aspect of surviving. Rapid adaptation is balanced on the ability to notice change in the webs ever changing market. With the latest changes from Google's algorithms and new industry trends and current events flooding the internet market place prepares you to take action. After major Google updates, you must remain aware of their link profiles and be proactive and not panic deleting links with link removal. To complete post-update link audits are a must but use Google webmaster tools (which will tell you if you have spam links) first and if it aint broken,

don't try and fix it!

3. Best Practice

Surviving is largely about knowing the rules. With the mass of suggestions Google provides, it can be difficult to stay in-the-know about the latest webmaster best practices. To avoid penalties from Google, carefully review Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Certain strategies are considered best practices for webmasters, including sitemap submission, clear site hierarchy and the creation of content written with the reader in mind, not search engines. A great way to stay informed is by following Matt Cutts’s blog and their Google Webmaster YouTube channel. Matt is the head of Google’s Web spam Team.

4. Learn

Learning new information, techniques and skills is a must. Google’s various changes and updates really keep us on our toes, link building has taken on a different form than it has in the past. SEOs intent on survival are becoming accustomed to the newly-defined best practices for link building, which include heightened focus on proactive engagement with content creators, building brand-relevant links and working diligently to get links from sites with high authority.

5. Move on

Sometimes, moving on is your best chance to succeed. When Matt Cutts quoted that guest blogging for SEO purposes outdated in early 2014, SEOs across the globe launched into action, creating new and better ways to do business. Google’s recent crackdown on MyBlogGuest is a bit harsh but proof that the internet search leader means business when they stated there is too much spam and aim to clean up the internet.

Anthony Johnson

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