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By Anthony Johnson, Jul 7 2014 11:37AM

A network for businesses to trade their products and services for free has been launched in Coventry.

Trade 4 Trade is the brainchild of digital marketing expert Anthony Johnson and it is aimed at SMEs and Start-ups who can trade their time but not their money to obtain services they need.

Anthony set-up digital media company SEO Go 8 years ago – he remains a shareholder – and he is also a director of Coventry-based Search-Find which improves the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) of companies.

Trade 4 Trade, which is based in Coventry, will link-up businesses via its website as well as apps on android phones and iPhones.

Anthony is aiming to build-up a database of 3,000 members in the first 12 months of operation after spending the last two years developing the concept.

He said there would be many benefits of joining Trade 4 Trade not only for Start-ups and SMEs but blue-chip companies as well.

“Trade 4 Trade is everything I have learned and everything I feel start-up businesses need, and will give newcomers to the big world of business the opportunity to trade their skills with other SMEs,” Anthony said.

“For example, a new SME could be looking for a designer to create stationery and in return for a day’s work, there will be a straight swap to provide services the designer is looking for without any money exchanging hands. It is an old-school bartering system.

“There will be other advantages to joining the Trade 4 Trade network because adding your name to the database will lead to creating new business relationships, gaining testimonials, improving SEO on the web as well as brand awareness and being able to access advice from business mentors.

“The site will also have options including a tender page to highlight opportunities available which SMEs may not be aware of and will give larger businesses the opportunity to look for fresh new faces to add to their business either on a short-term basis or more permanently.

“It is really exciting and this is different to anything else on the market. It is not aimed at any particular trade or sector which is one of the main benefits since SMEs often want to find the services of another professional who has a different skill-set to themselves.

“I think this is revolutionary and once it is established in Coventry and Warwickshire, I will be looking to roll it out across the UK.”

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Hi, my name is Anthony Johnson, I have been doing Digital Marketing for over 12 years.


I am a Digital Marketing Expert, Owner of Search Find, Director of Digital 4 Trade, Founder and Share holder at Seo Go so I keep myself busy!


I do believe in trying to learn something new every day, in my field that’s the easy bit.


Seo has drastically changed over the last 3 years or so, and in my mind for the better.