Seo Company in Coventry, Search Find.

We are offering advice to businesses in the UK on Digital Marketing, website health checks, link repair (do you really need it) and SEO. Ask me its Free! is Anthony Johnson's (CIM) latest slogan, his goal is to help keep business in the UK.


We have over 12 years Digital Marketing knowledge on SEO Strategies, Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Marketing, you name it we have done and can do it.



SEO Coventry


Solidify your knowledge of what Search-Find is doing for you. As certified Digital Marketing professionals you can learn about what we do and the Software used with its many uses over many different marketing channels.



Global coverage across social channels and internal communication systems with over 100  third-party applications to deliver key critical data in real time.



Search-Find delivers significant improvement and scalable results in Search Engine Marketing. Gaining high rankings for you site.



Social media management, we will set up and manage your social media campaign, setting up a listening post we can engaging on your behalf.



Working together to dynamically push promotions and products to ensure accurate content delivery direct to the world wide web.



Re-engage with visitors and drive to action through custom developed interaction processes and automated reply integrated.



Analyze your SEM and SEO performance side-by-side through data integration with leading SEO technology intergrated into your platforms.

SEO & Social Media Strategies.

BNI Inspire Coventry Members. Search Engine Optimisation | SEO company in Coventry. Optiweb is a website Design Company based in Coventry.

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Social Media and SEO should now come hand in hand.


We create a stunning optimised mobile friendly web design, create the website and intergrate a social media campaign.


Getting fast effective visibility while working on your SEO in the back ground getting you high rankings online.